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Cameroon: two persons brutally killed in Batibo

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At least two persons were killed in Batibo by suspected armed men on Monday November 5, sources have confirmed.

Sources said the men were suspected of conniving with security forces to track down suspected armed men in the locality.

The two men were killed at the Guzang market with the head where they had reportedly come to buy food for soldiers. One of the victims was identified as Sakwe Cardinas Elangwe.

This is the latest gruesome murder of Civilians who are caught in the war between armed separatist and security fighters in the Anglophone regions.

On Tuesday, the US State Department called on both sides involved in the conflict to immediately stop committing atrocities on innocent civilians and put an end to the war.

The statement came on the same day Cameroon’s President Paul Biya called on the separatists to drop their weapons as he was being sworn in for a seventh term in office after he was declared winner of the October 7 Presidential election.

Published on 28.04.2020

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