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Cameroon: UN Miss Calls on Girls Attention on Sextapes

UN Miss sensitize students
UN Miss Wendy Eballa with Saint André students

Wendy Ebella had an educative talk with some secondary school students on the impact such practices have both on their present studies and future life.

Students of the complexe scolaire Saint André in Yaounde had a special guest last weekend. It was Wendy Ebelle, United Nations Miss for Cameroon. With her team led by the Cameroon Association for the United Nations, they grouped secondary school students of the complex to enlighten them on the negative impact of practices such as sex tapes. 

According to Miss Wendy Ebella, the involvement of students in sextapes is a perfect way to destroy their life, future, hope, esteem and societal consideration. She further precises that “these practices are not part of African culture and should not be established in our society”.

She carried out such explanations during the educative talk under the theme, ‘Sensitisation Against Violence in the School Premises: Sextapes’. The session which was an interactive one also gave the opportunity to Miss United Nations to discuss with the students on the different problems young girls encounter within the school milieu. It gave the occasion to some of them to point out the education of students living in crisis zones and not having the same opportunities as others.

In addition, some decried the fact that certain young girls do not have the opportunity to go to school and are even maltreated by their male counterparts. 

Later on, discussions emphasized themselves on the Sustainable Development goal N°4 which is quality education. Students were enlightened by the UN association of the 2030 agenda established by the United Nations Organisation.
And lastly, Miss Wendy Ebella saw the moment as an ideal one to raise students’ awareness on violence in school. The latter were for instance sensitized on the negative impact of drug consumption.

Published on 05.05.2023

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