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Cameroon: UN steps in to ensure transparent elections in 2018

The United Nations has decided to come to the aid of Cameroon to ensure free, faire and transparent elections. A high level delegation to that effect arrived Cameroon, recently, to abreast itself with what  ELECAM needs in order to organize free, fair and transparent elections in 2018.

Given the charged electoral calendar in Cameroon in 2018 as the country would see the organization of anything between four to five elections, ELECAM naturally needs technical and logistical support from the international community. It is for this reason that the Directorate General of Elections Cameroon sort assistance from the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.

The New York based delegation currently visiting Cameroon would, according to the Enow Abraham’s Egbe, President of Elections Cameroon, carry out a thorough needs assessment of ELECAM in view of the 2018 general elections.

The needs assessment mission that shall see the four-man delegation visit the North and North West regions of Cameroon where the U N experts shall hold talks with political party leaders and civil society activists. The UN delegation; The Voice newspaper reported, shall also hold talks with members if Cameroon Foreign Affairs Ministry as well as Elections State Holders in Cameroon.

According to Enow Abraham of Elections Cameroon, the UN was just responding to the demands of the Cameroon government and that Cameroon and the UN has always relied on each other during elections

The UN delegation leader to Cameroon was optimistic elections in Cameroon would be trustworthy if Cameroon adhered to the roles and regulations of the Elections body.

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