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Cameroon: UN Systems launch joint initiative to reduce HIV infections in young girls

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The United Nations Systems has launched a joint global initiative dubbed Education Plus to help reduce HIV infections in young girls in Cameroon and empower them.


The initiative was launched Monday June 21 during a ceremony chaired by Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute and attended by UN Cameroon’s Resident Coordinator, Mathias Z. Naab.

The initiative championed by UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF and UN Women at the global level aims at promoting the education of the girl child and encourage young girls to complete their studies as a means to avoid violence against girls and reduce HIV AIDS infections, a key component to attain Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The CAMPHIA survey for 2017 in Cameroon revealed that girls and young ladies aged 15 to 24 are nine times more likely to contract HIV than their male counterparts.

Endeavoring to keep these girls in school till completion of studies is thus according to the United Nations Systems an essential means of reducing new infections and ending AIDS by 2030.

Education Plus will be launched in different countries across the globe.

It believes adolescent girls can transform communities and drive economies if and only if they are given a chance to and supported in the process.

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