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Cameroon: UN welcomes Swiss mediation in Anglophone crisis

The United Nations has welcomed the move by Switzerland to mediate talks between the government and the separatists in order to seek a solution to the crisis in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

The Swiss Federal Council announced on Thursday that it had began ground work to set the stage for dialogue at the request of both parties; information confirmed by various separatist groups.

This news has given hope to stakeholders who have been calling for dialogue including the United Nations who welcome the move and said it is ready to offer support.

Stephane Dujarric de la Rivière, spokesperson for UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in a statement: “The Secretary-General welcomes the announcement made by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs on 27 June on its efforts to facilitate a resolution of the crisis in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon through a dialogue process.

“He expresses the full backing of the United Nations to this endeavour and reaffirms his readiness to support it as necessary. He encourages all parties to participate in this process and commends the Cameroonian authorities and other stakeholders for this positive step.

” The Secretary-General reiterates the need for all Cameroonian stakeholders to engage in an inclusive and genuine political dialogue to address the challenges facing the country .

Published on 28.04.2020

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