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Cameroon: Understanding Samuel Eto’o’s Bitterness After Match Played Against Burundi

samuel eto'o during cameroun burundi
Samuel Eto'o, FECAFOOT president

After the laborious match of Cameroon against Burundi (1-0), counting for the qualifiers of the AFCON 2023, Fécafoot President  has severely criticized the Indomitable Lions.


After the qualifying match of the AFCON “Ivory Coast 2023” which opposed Cameroon to Burundi, the president of Fecafoot, Samuel Eto’o, in an inappropriate posture of coach, said in the locker room that he will not select a player who does not deserve to go to the World Cup, Qatar 2022.


He even added that he could bring in the youngsters instead. This speech, which is not at all healthy, should not have been filmed by the cameras of Fecafoot Tv. The secrets of the locker room must remain in the locker room!

On the form, Samuel Eto’o has publicly arrogated to himself the functions of coach of the Indomitable Lions. He thus violates article 49 of the Fecafoot statutes on the incompatibility between the functions of the president of Fecafoot and the missions of a coach, “It is not up to the president of Fecafoot to define the criteria or to decide on the selection of players for the national team, and to proceed to a session of self-criticism of the players on the quality of their game. These are the missions of the coach.”

After the average performance of the Lions, the president of Fécafoot in his characteristically rigorous style said: “I am not happy. I am not happy at all!” Cameroon returned from Dar Es Salaam with three points but it was a victory with a taste of defeat for Samuel Eto’o. And the president of the Cameroonian football governing body made it clear: “You represent the Cameroon national team. I don’t care who is in front of you but you have to do the job.”

The former Pichichi of La Liga who has ambitions to win the Qatari World Cup took advantage of the circumstance; in front of Rigobert Song, Raymond Kalla, Patrick Mboma and others to talk about him “I was the best”, he puffed his chest. I was the best,” he said.

Does Samuel Eto’o know that Didier Deschamps, who won everything as a player and coach, never talks about his footballing prowess at Les Bleus. This is in contrast to Thierry Henry, who, by constantly reminding us of his glorious past, failed spectacularly as coach of Monaco.

Samuel Eto’o is certainly a whole man, but he would sometimes benefit from channelling his energy. Obsessed by victory, he appears to be a sanguine man. I didn’t win the World Cup,” he said, “but I know why: we had talented players but something was missing.” He admitted to his cadets and stressed that he does not want the same mistakes to happen again. And for that, he is ready “to give his life”.

Samuel Eto’o’s leadership is radiant. The problem is that radiation administered in high doses sometimes ends up burning the body’s healthy cells. As if to make up for it, Samuel Eto’o tweeted this morning: “Well done Lions for kicking off the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers with a win against Burundi – let’s keep up the momentum.”  A statement that probably must have appeased the public from grumbling on the hard speech held without encouragments.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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