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Cameroon: Uneasy calm reigns in Foumbot following death of drug dealer in custody

Foumbot Court on fire (c) copyright
Some youths in Foumbot, a locality in the Noun Division, West region of Cameroon have barricaded the road leading to the Foumbot Court, burnt it down and other structures in the locality following the death of a drug dealer detained at the Foumbot principal prison.


According to the protesting youths, the drug dealer was refused access to treatment while in custody and finally died due to his state.

Reports say they paraded the streets of Foumbot with his body early this Monday morning, mounted road blogs that has disrupted traffic along the Bafoussam-Foumbot road.

They have equally set the Foumbot Court ablaze alongside other neighbouring structures.

According to sources in Foumbot, not even the intervention of the Governor of the West region, Awa Fonka Augustin helped to calm down tension for the striking youths to leave the road.

They are threatening to burn down the prison and set the prisoners free, and have asked for the departure of the “inhuman” Foumbot prosecutor.

Forces of law and order have stormed the place and were still trying to restore traffic at press time.

Published on 10.02.2021

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