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Cameroon: Uneasy calm returns to Sangmelima after uprising

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An uneasy calm has been reported to have returned to the town of Sangmelima in the Dja and Elobo Division of the South region of Cameroon days after the uprising that opposed locals from non-indigenes.

According to reports from Sangmelima, activities are gradually resuming across the town with victims counting their loses.

Others have been reported to be deserting the town since last weekend for fear of further violence after threats professed on them.

On Wednesday October 9, 2019, locals stormed the police station where was detained a non-indigene who reportedly assaulted and murdered an indigene of Sangmelima, a bike rider. The locals wanted mob justice as a means to avenge the death of their brother.

The situation created tension and the riots soon led to an inter-ethnic confrontation between locals and Bamouns. In the process, properties of both communities were looted and destroyed.

The Governor of the South region, Felix Nguele Nguele held a meeting Friday with elite of the region and other administrative and police forces to address the situation. The outcome of this meeting are yet to be completely effective on the field.

Published on 28.04.2020

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