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Cameroon: University community pays tribute to Prof Wali Muna

The passing away of the retired Professor of Cardiology and Internal Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Yaounde I and founding member of the Academy of Sciences, Prof Wali Muna has been described as a great loss to Cameroon in particular and Africa in General.

Speaking at the event, Prof Sammy Beban Chumbow, 1st vice President of the Cameroon Academy of Sciences highlighted what he described as the “illustrious career profile” of the deceased, with whom he worked at the Academy of Sciences before his demise.

Prof Sammy Beban disclosed that Prof Wali Muna’s intellectual enthusiasm made him to be recognized at National and international levels, where he participated in seminars, symposiums, workshops and process evaluations in sciences.

The dean of the faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Prof Jaqueline Mikande on her part thanked the deceased for having trained generations of students and teachers in cardiology and other associated courses, some of whom are now professors.

Referring to late Prof Wali Muna as a master and healer, one of his students, now Professor acknowledged the great work his teacher did by inculcating in them the love for Sciences, a path he has followed till today.

In an administrative tribute, Prof Aurelien Soso, Rector of the University of Yaounde I thanked the late Prof for his enormous contribution to Cameroonian and African medicine especially in cardiology, hypertension and diabetes, regretting that he became history all too soon.

Born of Elizabeth Muna and Hon S.T. Muna, former Vice President of Cameroon, the deceased is he is survived by wife Therese, daughter, Vanessa a grandchild, Humphrey; sister and brothers; nephews and nieces; many other family members; and in-laws.

Before his demise, he was the current President of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Health.


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