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Cameroon-University of Douala: Lecturer Draws Gun to Threaten Head of Affairs

Dr Charles Ngadjifna used his firearm to request money concerning professional streams.

The case would have turned tragic if the owner of the firearm had pulled the trigger. But, Dr Charles Ngadjifna, head of the sociology department at the University of Douala, limited himself to pulling out the automatic gun, with verbal threats in support, to force the Director of financial affairs to pay him the money from the professional fields.
According to the testimonies relayed by our colleague of Actu Cameroun, the university lecturer claims the processing and commitment of the payment file due to the teachers of a professional sector on behalf of the second semester. Suddenly, the case is about to become like a personal conflict between the academic and the director of financial affairs.
The same source recalls that Charles Ngadjifna is the subject of a previous reproach of financial embezzlement. In 2018, during the time of rector François Xavier Etoa, the sociologist was sanctioned after being found guilty of financial embezzlement. He was banned from performing his duties at the university for “behaviour undermining the dignity and academic ethics”.
A sanction is imposed following the filing of complaints against the person concerned. Complaints from students of professional masters in human resources management and those of the event communication sector revealed that the people trained paid the tuition fees of 500,000 FCFA per year, in the hands of the teacher. However, a bank account is created for this purpose.

Published on 05.05.2023

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