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Cameroon: Urban transporters’ planned strike action suspended

Bikers, taxi drivers going about their activity (c) copyright
A planned strike action by commercial motor bike riders and taxi drivers nationwide has been called off following negotiations between the Minister of Labour and Social Security and officials of the National Syndicate of Urban Transporters.


The strike slated for this Monday July 12 was meant to protest against the cost of insurance documents, high taxes and lack of subventions to help step up the sector among others.

“Motor bikes don’t have their own insurance. They are always insured on the private basis and when they have an accident, they are not taken care of, the increase of the rate of the insurance for taxes from 40,000 to 66,000 which is about 57% increase. The urban buses, especially those that ply Soa carrying people for 200 FRS but pay the same insurance with buses that ply Bafoussam, Limbe, Yaounde which is injustice…” The national President of the trade union said

Officials of the trade union decided to call off the strike after the Minister of Labour committed to discuss with his colleagues of Finance and Transports Ministers to come up with a lasting solution to the plight of the urban transporters in Cameroon.

“We are not very satisfied but we have had some appeasements, the communique that was read indicates a commission will be put in place to negotiate, the Government, the insurance and the Minister of Finance to see if they can reduce the rate of taxes…” He added.

Negotiations are due to continue till tomorrow Tuesday July 13.

In the meantime, taxi drivers and commercial motor bike riders go about their routine activity, which is transporting passengers from one place to another with the hope that their situation will be properly addressed.

Published on 03.01.2023

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