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Cameroon urged to investigate disappearance of Chadian journalist in Douala

The silence around the lasting disappearance of Chadian journalist Noubadoum Sotinan since March 2014 in Douala was today at the centre of preoccupations in a press conference granted by a Chadian delegation in Cameroon to media men.

The press conference took place at the Chadian embassy in Cameroon, located in Bastos.

Led by the President of the National syndicate of Chadian journalists, the delegation advocated for light to be shed on an affair they have judged “mysterious”.

“This meeting is aimed at finding a solution to this unfortunate problem. The Chadian delegation presently in Cameroon for 10days today wishes to work with Cameroonian authorities on the enquiry that has been opened,” the President of the delegation said.

According to Chad’s embassy adviser in Cameroon, though investigations have been opened for years now, nothing concrete has been discovered. “All we want is that these investigations bring us to a solution, we want him dead or alive” he said.

Noubadoum’s younger brother, present at the meeting shared the sad family memories that reminds them of their missing brother, asserting his absence has left a vacuum in the family.

Before his disappearance, Noubadoum Soutinan was a civil servant-journalist, producer and anchor of programmes at the National broadcasting ONRTV.

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