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Cameroon : Urgent Need For New Social Deal

Will there come a day when Cameroonians will know what happened in Paris on November 1 and 2, 1982 between President Biya and Ahidjo?


Who did he meet? On which issue was the discussion focused if ever there was one? 40 years later, it is  former president Ahmadou Ahidjo agenda during these two ultimately fateful days that can shed light on his abdication in favor of his constitutional successor.

In doing so, we would then have keys to understand the longevity of President Paul Biya. The latter who since then has suffered so many squalls, headwinds, and betrayals without ever “failing” or abandoning a position which seems to have been carved out for him. If not, how else to explain that President Biya was able to resist national and international conjunctions that carried away so many of his friends on the continent and elsewhere?

Today, he has even managed to become the master of the clock of a boat which, somehow and depending on the storms, continues to sail to and fro in a generally turbulent global sea.

Beyond what a columnist who loves fine literature once called “the incinerated thought of the CPDM“, it is urgent to call once again for rigor (in management) and moralization (in behavior ) to bring order to a society torn between the desire for change and the need for a better life.


A major cleaning using all necessary methods thus becomes a categorical imperative, especially since the geopolitical deal has changed with the fierce competition between the Chinese and Russians who are pushing France a little more on the outskirts of Europe every day.


It is in this that a new social contract required and awaited will take on its full meaning and will allow the “Nnom Gui” to enter history for a second time.

Published on 05.05.2023

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