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Cameroon: US diplomat urges gov’t to embrace ceasefire talks with Ambazonia separatists

Former US Ambassador, Herman J. Cohen has urged the government of Cameroon to embrace ceasefire talks with separatists in order to put an end to thelong drawn conflict in the English speaking regions of the country.

Detained separatist leaders at the weekend claimed tey met with a delegation from the government of Cameroon to begin talking on conditions for a ceasefire.

However, the government of Cameroon on Monday described as the claims as “not consistent with reality” but reiterated its committment to seek peaceful solutions to the crisis in the troubled Anglophone regions.

Reacting to the turn of events, Ambassador Herman J. Cohen said ‘Ambazonia must now be on the table’ and urged government to embrace talks.

“Ceasefire talks in #Cameroon reflect government finally understands that armed force cannot solve the underlying cultural conflict. Because of the suffering and bitterness of three years of war, Ambazonia must now be on the table,” Ambassador Cohen said in a tweet.

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