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Cameroon: US says Ambazonia not realistic option to solve Anglophone crisis

An independent Ambazonia breakaway state is not a realistic option to solve the crisis rocking the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, US Assistant Secretary of State in charge of African Affairs Tibor Nagy has said.

Tibor Nagy who was before the US Congress Foreig Affairs Committee on Thursday May 16 said it is not possible to talk about separation as a solution to the crisis but press on the government of Cameroon to open a broad based dialogue.

“I do not believe (permanent separation of the North West and South West regions is is possible) because I think both the North West and South West have a sense of Cameroonianess and it is in the view of America to recognize the integrity of Cameroon,” Tibor Nagy said as he responded to a question asked by the committee’s chairperson on the possibility of separation as a solution to the crisis.

He went further to criticise thee Government’s handling of the crisis and said sanctions could be imposed on Cameroon if the government fails to open a broad based dialogue.


Published on 28.04.2020

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