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Cameroon:Kamto wants National Assembly to declare power vaccum following Biya’s prolonged absence

Prof Maurice Kamto and allies (c) copyright

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Maurice Kamto has called on the National Assembly to declare a power vaccum following the prolonged absence of the Head of State Paul Biya.

Paul Biya has not been seen for over a month as his country battles against the Coronavirus with close to a thousand cases recorded.

Calls from the civil society and the political class for Biya to address the country on the situation have been ignored.

This has forced the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Maurice Kamto to take issue a series of statements in the past weeks calling on Biya to take his responsibilities or Cameroonians will take responsibilities themselves.

He has now called on the National Assembly to declare a power vaccum since Paul Biya is nowhere to be found.

“The prolonged absence of Mr. Paul Biya is unacceptable. In the best interests of #Cameroon, I have requested that the Speaker and Bureau of the National Assembly initiate the process for establishing a power vacancy at the Presidency,” Maurice Kamto tweeted on Wednesday.
His tweet came just hours after Paul Biya signed a decree reducing the prison terms of some inmates across the country.

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