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Cameroon: Wazizi’s family denies having knowledge of his death

The brother of deceased pidgin newscaster Samuel Ajiekah Abuwe aka Wazizi has denied having knowledge of his death and maintained he learned it from journalists three days ago when it was announced by Douala-based private Television channel Equinox and later confirmed by journalists associations in the country.

Speaking to Radio Balafon this Friday after Government’s communique on the circumstances surrounding Wazizi’s death was read over the CRTV national station, his brother, whose name has been withheld for security reasons disclosed nobody in the family was informed about his whereabouts, talk less of his death as advanced in the release.

“Nobody called to inform me about his health situation…We just got the news of his death, nobody in the family was aware of that…” He said.

In the release issued by the Communication officer at the Ministry of Defence, it is clearly written that Samuel Wazizi’s family members were informed about his whereabouts.

It is said he even exchanged with them while on his sick bed and after he gave up the ghost on the 17th of August, the release says the family was informed but has not taken any step to take his corpse for burial since then.

Samuel Wazizi was arrested some ten months ago, suspected of having connections with terrorists and complicity in terrorist acts according to the communique.

His court hearings have been going on at the Buea High Court in the South West region of Cameroon obviously without the journalist’s physical presence and habeas corpus to see him appear in court have been rejected on several occasions.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 9.




Published on 28.04.2020

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