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Cameroon: “We narrated facts”- “Le jour” newspaper to NCC

Haman Mana, publisher of Le jour newspaper (c)copyright

In today’s edition of Le jour newspaper, the newsroom response to the warning and call to order of the National communication Council following alleged tribal information published on her front page on Thursday June 13, 2019.

In the article, the newspaper justifies her choice of words and explains why she title “Yaounde Mrc: La traque aux facies.”

The newspaper states that her information emanates from testimonies collected from Cameroonians, stating that forces of law and order used hate and tribal speeches following the public protest organized by Kamto’s supporters in Yaounde.

“We humbly believe that we did not publish any tribal message. We took into consideration testimonies from Cameroonian citizens who condemn hate and tribal messages from some of our defence forces. Our newsroom considers she is in her mission to inform, and therefore cannot be seen as a militia.” The article reads.

The response follows a call to order from the National Communication Council which published a communique on Friday June 14, condemning an article written by the newspaper which featured on the front page and stated that Kamto’s supporters were arrested on the basis of tribal links.

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