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Cameroon: What is SDF proposing for National Dialogue?

The Social Democratic Front has submitted proposals to the government for certain conditions to be met before they will take part in the major national dialogue announced by the Head of State Paul Biya.

Led by the party’s first Vice President Honourable Joshua Osih, the SDF met with the Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on Thursday at the Star Building where they submitted their proposals.

What is the SDF proposing for the dialogue? Below are a key major aspects requested by the party before they take part in dialogue and how the contrast with the Head of State’s declarations;

-‘That such a National Inclusive Dialogue should be chaired by a neutral personality’. This first proposal is already in contradiction to the Head of State’s declaration on Tuesday naming the Prime Minister as the head of the Major National Dialogue.

-‘The national dialogue must dwell on the root causes of the Anglophone problem’. The Head of State said the dialogue will not only touch on the Anglophone crisis but other issues of national interest.

-‘That there must be structured openings to discuss the form of the state, with the view to adopting a new constitution for Cameroon and this should be prominent on the agenda’. The Head of State said the dialogue will only take place within the provisions of the constitution.

-‘That this dialogue has been occasioned by the Anglophone crisis and therefore anglophones must be central to its discussions and we proposed a preconference in this regard that will allow this dialogue not to go the way of the 1972 referendum and the 1991 tri-partite meeting’.The Head of State said the dialogue will not only touch on the Anglophone crisis but other issues of national interest.

-‘That the military cannot be part of a national inclusive dialogue, which is essentially political’. The Head of State said dialogue will include members of the defence and armed forces.

Other preconditions advanced by the SDF were an immediate ceasefire, general amnesty to all those involved.

Published on 28.04.2020

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