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Cameroon: Whereabouts of detained Buea journalist still unknown after court throws out bail request

Samuel Wazizi (c) copyright

A court in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon, has thrown out a request by lawyers for authorities to produce Samuel Wazizi, a journalist who has been detained incommunicado for the past two months.

The court rejectted the motion filed by the lawyers on grounds that the lawyers had not followed due procedure after the latter claimed they have not seen their clients in all the dtention facilities they have been to in Buea.

Samuel Wazizi, a photojournalist at local television CMTV was arrested on August 2 and detained at the Muea police station in Buea.

He was later transferred to the Buea Central Police Station but he has not been seen there despite several requests, some of his colleagues who decide to remain anonymous said.

Wazizi’s lawyer said his client had been transferred from the Buea Central Police Station to the 21 Motorized Infantry Batallion but he has not been granted access as fears continueto increase he might have been summarily executed.

He is accused of providing his farms as a training ground for armed separatist fighters, he claim he reportedly dismissed while at the Muea Police Station.

A group of journalists based in Buea have launched a move to gather funds and move to Yaounde to search for the missing journalists at detention facilities.


mm Published on 01.08.2022

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