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Cameroon: WHO says it has spent FCFA 550M to support COVID-19 fight over past three months in three regions

Cars recently given to Cameroon to use for three months (c) copyright

The office of the World Health Organization in Cameroon has disclosed that over the past three months, it has deployed 4.2 tons of medical equipment, 35 national and four international experts, 80,000 tools and communication media and 35 vehicles to Cameroon’s most hard hit regions, Centre, Littoral and West, amounting to FCFA 550 million.

In a release issued Friday May 8, the office of the World Health Organization in Cameroon says since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country, it has spared no efforts to help the Government and its Humanitarian partners stem the spread the virus.

The Organization discloses that over the past three months, it has multiplied efforts including the mobilization of staff for the response to the pandemic and deployed 39 experts, four international and 35 national amongst which 24 epidemiologists, four experts in infection, prevention and control, one case management expert, one geolocation expert, one pharmacist, two communication experts and two Data managers.

These health experts were deployed to the country’s hardest hit regions, including the Centre, the Littoral and the West.

The deployed experts are said to have trained more than two thousand health personnel in Cameroon on the prevention and control of infections in hospitals, the care of persons with COVID-19 and risk communication which the WHO says has helped improve reception and care in the health facilities of those trained.

Besides deploying some of its health experts, the WHO affirms it made a significant donation of 4.2 tons of medical equipment, which comprised masks, disinfectants, gloves and thermo flashes to the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Justice and the United Nations Dispensary.

In addition to that, the WHO says it deployed 80,000 tools and communication media and 35 vehicles.

All the above moves are said to have cost them FCFA 550 million.

The Organization is however determined to continue providing technical and financial support to the Government of Cameroon until the final stop of the COVID-19 pandemic.





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