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Cameroon: Winners of Feicom literary prize unveiled

Winners of the third edition of the literary award organised by the Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance, FEICOM have been unveiled.

They were revealed on Thursday, November 12 during a brief ceremony organized at the FEICOM headquarters in Mimboman, Yaounde.

For this year’s edition, participants were expected to produce at most a ten-page document on the theme “Shared values for the improvement of the situation and the living conditions of our fellow citizens”.

After the September 30 deadline for submission of projects elapsed, the jury headed by Suzanne Ngane got to work and selected the best five projects which were revealed on Thursday.

Thus, Gilbert Kane with his work titled, “FEICOM, patrimoine national”, emerged as the overall best. The four other projects ; «Cahier de l’enfant du pays»; «FEICOM, la banque communal»; «La réélection d’un bâtisseur» and «L’entreprise présidentielle» followed in ascending order.

“When I was preparing for this competition, I was far from imagining that I would emerge as the winner … This is the first time that I have looked at a theme like the one that was proposed to us and which was not at all easy, because you had to stay within a prescribed framework, ”Gilbert Kane, winner of the prize said.

The head of the jury, Suzanne Ngane praised the winner for his creativity and ability to put himself in the shoes of a youngster who dreams incarnating the values of FEICOM.

“The author has put himself in the shoes of a child who dreams of being at FEICOM and who, through the idea that his grandmother gave him, projects himself, and we see the structure’s values in him. We see the staff and the people around who actually share these values. So the whole theme was captured in this childhood dream,” she said.

Handing over the prizes to the laureates, the Director General of FEICOM, Camille Philippe Akoa revealed their work will be documented in a new book to be published by FEICOM which will bear the title of the winning project.

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