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Cameroon: Worker injured as Hysacam truck burnt in Bamenda

Hysacam truck burnt in Bamenda

A worker of the waste disposal company, HYSACAM was seriously injured at the weekend after a truck belonging to the company was attacked.

Sources say the truck was attacked at Mile 4 on Saturday January 17 by armed men who set it ablaze before beating and injuring the driver of the vehicle.

Another worker also sustained injuries while others as well as inhabitants around took cover after the armed men had threatened them with guns.

Alerted, security officers arrived the scene when the armed men had committed their acts and left away with the area placed under high surveillance as vehicles and passers by were subjected to checks.

The waste disposal company has been a target of armed groups in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon since the escalation of the crisis leading to the company to halt operations in these regions.


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