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Cameroon: World Catholic Bishops urge Biya to dialogue with separatists to end Anglophone crisis

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Some sixteen Catholic Bishops from around the globe have written to Cameroon’s Head of State, urging him to accept the proposed Swiss-led negotiations to put an end to the Anglophone crisis rocking the North West and South West regions of the country.

In the letter dated Monday February 17, 2020, the sixteen Bishops applaud the Government of Cameroon for organising the Major National Dialogue but hint it was not enough to stop the violence that continue rocking the regions.

As such, they urge the Head of State to engage in the proposed Swiss-led dialogue and be sure to come up with appropriate political solutions to the crisis which is in its fourth year.

“There will be no military victory for any side. A lasting solution to Cameroon’s problems must come from a mediated process that includes Anglophone armed-separatist groups and nonviolent civil-society leaders. If all parties treat each other as they wish to be treated, a solution is possible” The Bishop tell President Biya in the letter.

“We believe the proposed Swiss-led talks offer the best path to an appropriate political solution through inclusive negotiations.”

“The success of these talks will be critical in Cameroon’s journey towards ensuring pace and your legacy as an effective leader in a troubled region.” They further say.

At the start of the letter, the bishops indicate they were motivated by their concern about the plights of the unarmed civilian population caught up in the violence between Government security forces and separatists as well as the stability of Cameroon.

“Violence and atrocities on all sides have forced 656,000 Anglophone Cameroonians from their homes, kept 800,000 children from school (including 400,000 from Catholic schools), caused 50,000 people to flee to Nigeria, destroyed hundreds of villages and resulted in a death toll of at least 2,000”.

“Each of these lives is precious, and we mourn their suffering and wish to prevent more loss of life and innocence”.

This open letter comes in the wave of widespread condemnations over the reported massacre of fourteen children and other civilians in the locality of Ngarbuh in Ndu, Donga Mantung Division of the North West region of Cameroon.



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