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Cameroon – Yagoua: MINAT Boss Consoles Flood Victims ,Promises Solutions

MINAT Official in Yagoua

The Minister of Territorial Administration,Paul Atanga Nji has visited the flood victims in Yagoua, in the Mayo-Danay Division.

The heavy rains that fell on Yagoua a few months ago are not enough to explain everything. Because the water level of the Logone River has not dropped since the rains stopped. In the technical services of the Yagoua town hall, it is admitted that the rivers of the north are in contact with each other and, by ricochet, the rains that are falling at the moment in the Adamaoua region contribute to swelling the Logone. But nothing is certain. We must wait for the conclusions of a serious study.
During this visit, Paul Atanga Nji told the press that President Paul Biya is very concerned about the floods, which have lasted for a month already. “The Head of State has asked for an in-depth study of the causes of the floods and appropriate measures to be taken to curb the problem,” said Paul Atanga Nji.

While waiting for this study, the elite of Mayo-Danay have called on Minister Atanga Nji to build a road-dike on the banks of the Logone. The populations have high hopes for this project, which has been lying dormant for a long time. It is supposed to prevent the waters of the Logone from overflowing. Paul Atanga Nji reassured them that this road-dike has not been abandoned.

The Minat also informed the affected populations that President Paul Biya praises their resilience. To stop the waters, they themselves raised dikes with sandbags. Except that the water pressure was stronger.

Published on 03.01.2023

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