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Cameroon: Yaounde Gyanaeco-Obstetric hospital begins screening ahead of Women’s Day

The Yaounde gynaeco-obstetric and pediatric hospital will next week open screening exercise as part of activities to celebrate the 35th edition of the International Women’s Day on March 8.

According to a release signed by the Director General of the hospital, the screening exercises will kick off on Monday February 24 and will run all through the week till Frebruary 28.

The first phase of activities will involve screening exercises for the various cancers especially breast cancer and cancer of the uterus. There will equally be scrrening of sexually transmitted diseases as well as HIV/AIDS. The week will be rounded of by educative talks conducted by health experts anas well as counsellors mostly targetting women.

The second phase of activities in prelude to the Women’s Day will run from February 3-6 and will be characterised by open door days for family planning, educative talks and proper care to women and adolescents who will show up in the course of the week.

Though principally targetting women and children, the screening exercises and educative talks concerns the general public, the Director General of the hospital said calling on the public to take advantage of this opportunity.

He said the best way the hospital can celebrate the Women’s Day with women is by providing them a healthy body and healthy mind through the various screenings and educative talks.

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