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Cameroon-Yaounde: Interchange Junction To Gulp 1,264 Billions FCFA

yaounde under development
Sample of interchange Junction

The cost of the modern interchange junction that will heal ease traffic flow in the capital city has been tentatively fixed at some 1,264 billion FCFA

The Ministry of Economy Planning and Regional Development ,MINEPAT organised a round table meeting on May 24th,2022 during which investors and officials  brainstormed on how funds for the construction will be raised.

According to sources as reports the Guardian Post news paper, the governement will invest  794 billions in the bypass construction, including 88 billion FCFA for compensation and relocation of populations and 470 billion FCFA  will be allocated to the development of the four urban hubs of the capital, including 20 billion FCFA for compensation and relocation.

The project is considered one of the priorities of the European Union backed transport development plan in Central African region.

Government explained that the anticipated bypass will allow vehicles traveling on the Douala-Bangui corridors to avoid traffic jams and other hasless when crossing downtown Yaounde.

The indepth technical studies carried out between 2019 and 2021 by the consultacy firm Cira-Sas, show that only phase 1 has been identified for this financing approach. This phase covers the Nkong BiyemRN3, Nkoabang RN10 section, which is about 32km long, and the Minkoameyos; on Yaounde-Douala highway

The complete technical studies for this phase are being carried out, according to the TED platform, the supplement to the EU official journal.

This project  is ” in likne with the development strategy of the city of Yaounde and its metropilitan a, area as well as the master plan of urban planning of the Cameroonian capital, and fits into the dynamic and complex environment of rapidly expanding city” stated the Minepat.


Published on 30.06.2022

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