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Cameroon: Youths in Balikumbat go wild over separatists “excesses”

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Some youths in Balikumbat, Ngoketundjia Division of the North West region of Cameroon have staged a protest against what they have described as “excesses” from Ambazonia fighters in their area.

According to reports, the protest staged under the guardians of the Cameroonian military took place Thursday January 2, 2020.

The angry youths have accused the fighters of setting up numerous checkpoints where they forcefully collect community support from locals, despite the well-known fragile economic situation that reigns in the Anglophone regions due to the crisis.

Report say they have given an ultimatum to Ambazonia boys cautioning them against carrying out controls in the quarter.

According to sources, this is not the only problem the locals say they have with separatists’ activities in the area.

They disclosed that after Ambazonian fighters took control of the Balikumbat waterside, a number of persons have almost been killed in skirmishes.

These and many other case studies have reportedly pushed the youths who took to the streets to express their discontentment with separatist’ activities in their area.


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