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Cameroon: Youths stage protest at French Embassy following Macron’s declarations

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Some four hundred youths drawn from different sectors of life have stormed the French Embassy in Yaounde early this morning, protesting against the “undiplomatic” outing of French President Emmanuel Macron on Cameroon.

Brandishing boards and banners displaying messages such as “France, why damage my future by financing terrorism in my country”, the hundreds of youths marched outside the French Embassy situated at the Olezoua neighbourhood in Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde.

According to reports on the field, they were protesting against French President Emmanuel Macron’s outing on Cameroon last Saturday, an outing considered undiplomatic, unacceptable and unfair by many.

They as well accused him of financing terrorism in Cameroon to the detriment of their future.

On Saturday February 22, 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron in response to a Cameroonian activist in France identified as Calibro Calibri publicly disclosed he had put pressure on the Head of State Paul Biya to release Kamto and his supporters, contradicting what many pro-regime barons declared was a presidential pardon.

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