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Cameroon:Artsites take up fight against cybercriminality

A song aimed at raising awareness on the dangers associated with online fraud and cybercriminality has been presented to the Minister of Post and Telecommunications.

The song was presented on Tuesday, October 19 by a group of artistes led by the Board Chair of SONACAM, Francis Ateh

The song brings together artistes from the four main cultural zones, namely Ateh Bazor, Isnebo, Sanzy Viany and Annie Anzouer

Presenting the song, Francis Ateh said it is citizen initiative which aims to support the government in the national campaign for the promotion of the culture of cybersecurity and the awareness of the responsible use of social networks, initiated in 2020 in Cameroon.

He said through this song, they hope to touch hearts and souls and sensitize the populations on the dangers of cyber crimes because, to him, many go astray online out of ignorance. The group of artistes thus appealed to the media to help spread the message in order to reach the target audience.

Appreciating the artistes, the Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Minette Libom Li Likeng described the initiative as a “precious contribution” in the fight against cyber crimes.

Minette Libom Li Likeng expressed her satisfaction with this “rallying” song, the objective of which is to convince the public to join this cause, denouncing and transmitting a message of hope in the face of the drifts observed such as defamation, the propagation of fake news, the threat on peace and stability.

Through messages such as, “Do not destroy my country because of the internet”, the Minister welcomes this way of promoting the culture of cybersecurity and the sense of accountability of social networks. She hoped the message would reach all layers of society in this fight against cybercrime and cyber delinquency.


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