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Cameroon:Ayah Foundation drags ex Ambazonia activist to court

The President of the Ayah Interational Foundation, Ayah Ayah Abine has dragged two former ambazonia activists to fourt for defamation.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Ayah Ayah said his foundation had dragged Dr. Success Nkongho, former Ambazonia activist who just returned from Nigeria last week for defamation and propagation of fake news.

Added to the list of persons dragged to court are Mr. Frankline Njume, journalist Ernest Obama and Vision4 TV, ‘Ma kontri Pipo Dem’ Social Media platform and ‘le journal l’Anecdote’, for defamation, blackmail, propagation of fake news, Ayah Ayah said.

“These persons will be obliged by court in the coming days to present proof of wherefrom the AIF buys arms, how they import them, how it’s transported within the country, and how it’s being distributed to ‘amba boys,” the Ayah Foundation said in a statement.

Former Ambazonia separatist, Success Nkongho raised eyebrows last week when he said the Ayah humanitarian foundation is helping to transport arms to separatists.

This has since forced the founcation to come out with a statement to dismiss the claims and promise court action which they have now taken.

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