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Cameroon:Bamenda Archbishop orders resumption of masses in strcit respect of anti Coronavirus measures

Sunday as well as daily masses have resumed in the Bamenda Metropolitan Archdiocese following an order from the Archbishop, His Lordship Andrew Nkea.

In a letter addressed to all the clergy and Faithful of the Bamenda Archdiocese, His Lordship Andrew Nkea said the decision was arrived at after a series of consultations but said a number of measures must be respected by all in order to stay safe from the COVID-19.

He stressed that ordering the resumption of masses does not mean the end of the pandemic thus called on all the priests and Ministers to obligatorily put on face masks during all celebrations of the liturgy.

With the government stressing on social distancing in public places, the parishes in the Bamenda Archdiocese will equally have to respect this measure, Archbisho Nkea said, calling on priests to ensure not more than three persons are seated per bench. Social distancing must also be respected during communion and offertory, he added.

He added that all sanitizing measures must be put in place at the entrance of every chapel while every church oratory must be disinfected before the start of every mass, Archbishop Nkea said.

For over a month now, several parishes have remained closed or witness low key worship in respect to government’s measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Important celebrations in the church like the Good Friday or Easter Sunday were celebrated in low key while most priests of the Roman Catholic Church in Cameroon last week during the celebration of the Ascension Day called on God to provide a solution to the pandemic.

The Archbishop of Yaounde, His Lordship Jean Mbarga said the COVID-19 is an evil force from hell aimed at fighting humanity but will be defeated if Christians turn to God for a solution.

Published on 28.04.2020

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