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Cameroon:Bamenda lll Council water plant boosted by optimised production capacity

The supply of portable drinking water in Bamenda lll council area has been given a major push ahead.This follows a 2021 extension and optimization scheme of the council’s water plant realized with technical and financial support of TRINKWASSER FUR KAMERUN,a German non governmental organization.

The extension and optimization scheme was unveiled Monday October 4, 2021 at the storage facility of Bamenda lll council water plant in Menteh.

“Before now we could produce 40,000 litres of water in an hour.We started thinking on how to increase the production capacity.For this,we sent new containers made up of engineering machines to increase not only production but quality of drinkable water”, said Karli Heinisch,a German water engineer instrumental in the optimization scheme.

“The package we brought include a dosing container for chlorine and flocculant to enhance filteration”,Karli furthered.

The filteration according to the water experts will be powered by solar panels with manual and digital functioning.

On sustainability,the project manager of TRINKWASSER FUR KAMERUN,Gerd Muller said an internet connection has been installed to help them monitor the plant technically from their office in Germany with the assistance of locally trained engineers.

“We were here in 2019 to clean the Plant, repair some parts and gave them alot of lessons to improve maintenance in future”, Karli corroborated.

The mayor of Bamenda lll council, Fonguh Cletus Tanwi on his part described the optimization a success story for the good of the municipality.

“It has been very successful because they have installed pumps and solar panels which will enable us do filteration with solar energy”, said the Mayor Fonguh.

“With this new system now,we have a control box and production has increased from 40,000 to 60,000 litres of water per hour”, the mayor continued.

Beside announcing that an extension has been made to Menteh neighborhood with the installation of water pumps,the mayor was confidential that the community will now have constant water flow.

The mayor used the opportunity to thank their German partners for all the donations made for the realization of the project.Some of the donor organizations include SWT, ELIQUO KGN, CENTER TECH, CONAQUA, LIONS CLUB amongst others.

The Water scheme in its entirety was officially inaugurated five years ago. Though enjoyed by a large part of the municipality, the council plans to construct storage tanks in neighborhoods with high altitudes.

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