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Cameroon:Bishop Bushu communes with Buea inmates

Inmates of the Buea Central Prison have been urged to strengthen their faith in God and make good use of their time in prison in order to be good citizens when they come out.

The call was made by the Bishop Emeritus of Buea, His Lordship Immanuel Bushu on Thursday, December 26 during a visit to the Buea Central Prison to celebrate Christmas with the inmates.

Addressing the inmates, Bishop Immanuel Bushu said Christms is a time for peace and celebration of a new beginning. He expressed satisfaction with the conditions of the prisoners and urged then to remain strong in their condition.

« We came here to celebrate Christmas with (the prisoners) because …we think that it is the biggest gift that we can give the mat this time, » His Lordship Immanuel Bushu said.

« We want to congratulate the prisoners for their patience and I see they are working hard better than we have ever seen them before which tells me that the conditions are better and I wish they continue with this happiness throughout the year, »he added.

The Bishop’s visit which was organised and coordinated by Caritas Buea, the charitable arm of the church,  saw the distribution of food and non-food items to inmates. Each inmate was entitled to: 4kg of Garri, 2kg of rice, 1kg of sugar, 500gram of salt, 500mililitres of palm oil, 1 bar of antiseptic soap, 1 cube of soap and Sanitary pads for the female inmates.

« Our inspiration for these actions today, fall in line with our mission and vision to share love and free the world from misery. The prisoners are part of the underpriviledged and needy and that is why we need to give them more attention, » Pierre Earnest Tchinda, the Director of Caritas of the Diocese of Buea said.

It should be noted that the visit was the last activity carried out by Bishop Bushu befor retiring.

Published on 28.04.2020

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