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Cameroon:Boko Haram victims recount experiences in new book

Cameroonian soldier in Fotokol, FN region after Boko Haram massacred dozens of civilians in 2015 (c) copyright

A book recounting the experiences of survivors of Boko Haram atrocities in the Far North Region has been released.

The book published by journalist Benjamin Yakana throws more light on the miseries of the local population as a result of the Boko Haram atrocities.

“ Lutte contre Boko Haram: Les victims collaterals nous parlent’ is a one hundred-page book that starts by recounting how some Christians in the Far North Region suffered in the hands of the terrorist group.

He recounts the experience of a family that saw one of their father, an elder in a protestant church in a village murdered in cold blood in 2017 by the sect for his religious activities.

To, stay safe from the surprise attacks from the Boko Haram militants at night, some of the villagers adopted the strategy of erecting tents at nearby hills where they spend the night before returning in the morning.

Several of such incidents happened in Mogoda, Kolofata, Amchidé, and other neighbouring villages to Nigeria as the author recounts his experiences as a journalist travelling around these villages to report the atrocities of the terrorist group.

“Boko Haram did not only commit atrocities but went as far as dehumanizing most of these villagers for their faith,” the author recounts while praising the villagers for their resilience during the trying moments.

The role of the military in preserving the territorial integrity of Cameroon in the face of Boko Haram was equally stressed.

With the military successfully pushing the sect away, the author calls for a continuous psychological and psychosocial support to survivors in the villages in order to breed confidence and help them return to their normal lives. He equally stresses the role of the Christian and Muslim communities in standing strong in the Far North Region against the terrorist group land their ideologies.

Published on 03.01.2023

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