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Cameroon:Business mogul, Monkam Pascal passes away

Cameroonian business mogul, Pascal Monkam passed away on Saturday, February 27 at a hospital in South Africa, his family said.

Alain Christian Monkam, son of the deceased confirmed the information on Saturday morning via social media. The business magnet had been evacuated to South Africa recently where he had been receiving treatment but he finally gave up the ghost.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of Pascal Monkam in South Africa today (Saturday, February 27). We knew reports from doctors were not reassuring for the past days and have just been confirmed by the death. It is a great loss for the family and Cameroon,” he son said in a video widely relayed on social media.

At 91, Pascal Monkam quits the stage after implanting a chain of businesses both at home and abroad and his family has vowed to keep the flames of his legacy burning.

“It is now left for Cameroonians to follow the message of hard work he has been passing throughout his life and we promise to keep his legacy on,” his son said.

The son that the family will concert in the days ahead before a funeral programme will be made public.

Published on 10.02.2021

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