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Cameroon:Camtel reaping benefits from new GM’s management one year after

Camtel GM all smiles as she communes with her staff

It’s been a year of roses for the Cameroon Telecommuications exactly one year after the new team headed by the Judith Yah Sunday took office.

It was on a Monday, December 17, 2018 when Judithe Yah Sunday was installed as General Manager of the Cameroon Telecommunications, Camtel by the Minister of Post and Telecommunications Minette Libom Li Likeng.

On that fateful day at the Hilton Hotel, the Minister transmitted the Head of State’s vision for the corporation: modernise Camtel and make it the leader in an era of digital transformation in the country.

Judithe Yah Sunday grasped the vision in no time and one year later some of the fruits are visible as she embarks on the path to modernise the corporation.

As every good manager would do, she sought to take stock of the corporation immediately after she was installed by ordering for a company audit. She then proceeded by streesing on change management and customer centricity to all the staff of the company.

After taking stock, a 2019-2025 strategy for the corporation was drawn up before the validation of the code of ethics for more professionalism and commitment of staff at work.

During the celebrations of the Labour Day on May 1, 2018, she announced all retirees will begin receiving their dues immediately and that came to pass- aprocess which had long stopped since 2006.

Within this frame of time, she has also helped strengthen  relationships with PLANUT stakeholders to avoid multiple fiber optic cuts as well as improve on connectivity between Yaoundé and Douala by aerial fiber, to guarantee the permanent availability of the network.

Today, Camtel is in constant communictation with its clients thanks to a fixed e-mail address ( that is available 24/24 while the corporation has boosted startupers and social entrepreneurs through mentoring and funding.

The project to create the first artificial intelligence training centre in Cameroon is well and truly on course while all eight state universities have been connected by optic fibre. Also, Camtel has regularly met with stakeholders of the telecommunications sector to build a relationship of trust and better serve them.

However, all these could not be achieved without a rigorous financial management which Judith Yah Sunday has implemented.

One year on, she Camtel seems not only to have regained its financial health and stability but perception from the public has greatly improved thanks to the improved services. And this is thanks to Judith Yah Sunday’s Change Management and Customer Centricity policy.


mm Published on 01.08.2022

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