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Cameroon:CAMTEL to provide high-speed internet at low cost houses

The Cameroon Telecommunicatmions, CAMTEL, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to deploy broadband infrastructure and services within the framework of housing projects and urban infrastructure development.

The agreement was signed on Monday, July 18 by the Minister Minister of Housing and Urban Development Celestine Ketcha Courtes and the Director General of CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday Achidi.

Signing the partnership, both parties said it falls in line with the objectives of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development in Cameroon which seeks to put in place a resilient infrastructure in order to promote durable industrialisation and valourise innovation(SDG 9).

The implementation of the project will enable cities and other structures to be  more open, resilient and sustainable to the public in order to meet their expectations in a fast changing digital world.

“I am very happy for this convention because today internet and new communication infrastructure is what is expected by all the population. It is  very important that CAMTEL should provide high speed internet to our populations (in the low cost houses of ) Olembe, Banga-Bakoko and all the new cities that the Head of State instructed us to build,” Minister Celestines Ketcha Courtes.

She hoped with the signing of the agreement, CAMTEL will immediately get to work to ensure the new cities are fully equipped with its broadband services.

“It is very important that before the (occupants) get into their houses, CAMTEL should make sure that they should have internet. There is no way to live today without internet. This convention will support us as a platform and other platforms that we are putting in place to anticipate and to accelerate for a better life for our population and for the modernisation of our new cities that the Head of State wants to see in our country,” she added.

On her part, the Director General of CAMTEL gave full assurances that her structure is already braced up to meet up the challenges and provide top quality services in order to contrribute in building modern cities.

“As the incumbent operator, we have the responsibility to provide telecommunications services of high level connectivity so it is important that we do anticipate and make sure that we provide these services to the community and don’t wait before the structures are built before we provide these services,” Judith Yah Sunday Achidi said.


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