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Cameroon:Celestin Djamen resigns from Kamto’s MRC party

Renowned politician Celestin Dajamen has announced he is resigning from the Cameroon Renaissance Movement of Professor Maurice Kamto.

Celestin Djamen made the announcement on Monday, December 14 at a press conference in Douala where he said the Cameroon Renaissance Movement has not listened to him.

His resignation did not come as a surprise after regularly criticising the party on its decision to boycott last February Municipal and Legislative elections.

“When we are in a republic we are either for weapons or for the ballot box. I chose the ballot box, things are changing with the fight we are leading. The boycott policy has never been a solution,” Celestin Djamen said.

Celestin Djamen joined the Cameroon Renaissance Movement on August 9, 2018 after resigning from the SDF who described the move as a non event.

“As in the SDF, at the MRC, they listened to me but didn’t understand me. I am afraid the same causes will produce the same effects. Where is the SDF today?” Djamen questioned.

After joining the party, he was was part of Maurice Kamto’s campaign team for the 2018 Presidential election and was later appointed as the party’s Secretary for human rights.

On January 26, 2019, he was brutalised by security forces in Douala during a protest organised by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement and two days later, he was arrested alongside Maurice Kamto and other bigwigs of the party. They spent eight months in detention at the Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaounde before they were released on Saturday October 5 followiing a Presidential decision the previous day.

Today, he pulled no punches in dumping the party he joined 18 months ago as he looks to begin a new adventure in his political career.

“Today, political training is important. When you arrive so late in politics, you have a duty to learn. You need to have political maturity. You have to learn how to correct your mistakes. I am not saying that the President (of the CRM Maurice) Kamto is a political novice, ” Djamen said.

“When we can’t properly manage the little COVID-19 funds … What are we going to do when we have to manage the billions? A year later I draw the political lessons and I have taken the decision to resign from the MRC.


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