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Cameroon:CERAC renovates Dschang district hospital

The First Lady’s humanitarian outfit handed over renovated structure of the 117-year old structure which will provide a health boost to the population of Dschang as well as the entire Menoua Division.

The Circle of Friends of Cameroon, CERAC, has handed over a renovated structure of the Dschang District Hospital as well as handed medical equipment to the structure.

The renovated structure was retroceded on Saturday, November 21 during a ceremony presided over by the representative of the First Lady, Grace Dion Ngute.

“This gesture from the First Lady Chantal Biya through CERAC seeks to reinforce the provision of quality health care to the population especially the most vulnerable,” Grace Dion Ngute said.

Renovating and giving a new life to the Dschang District Hospital was not a smooth task but thanks to the determination and resilience of the First Lady the structure now has a new facelift.

“We (equally) needed a synergy of actions and support from the medical corps, persons of goodwill, partner institutions and the private sector to achieve our objective,” she added.

In 2019, the Dschang District Hospital which is 117-year old received at least 16,778 patients; 3,201 children and 13,577 adults. Over 1,842 births were recorded and 468 surgical operations were conducted with a total of 16,952 children vaccinated. The enormous pressure on the then-dilapidated and old structure makes the renovation from CERAC timely.

Receiving the renovated structure, the Director of the Dschang District Hospital, Michel Noubam thanked the First Lady for the gesture which he said which boosts the provision of quality health care not only in the locality but in the Division as well as the region and neighbouring localities.

“The renovation and equipping of the Dschang District Hospital provides a timely solution to health care challenges,” he said.

Apart from the renovation of the health facility and the donation of medical equipment, CERAC also offered agricultural products and farm tools to rural women in the Menoua Division in a bid to fight against poverty.

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