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Cameroon:Communities mobilise to avoid future floods

There is total mobilisation from various stakeholders to avert floods in the future following the heavy rains last weekend that led to casualties in parts of the Littoral and the West Regions.

The National Observatory on Climate Change has warned there could be more rains in the days ahead which have kept stakeholders on the alert.

Thus, administrative authorities in the Littoral Region, led by the Governor Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua have set up a task force to brainstorm on ways to avert floods like the one witnessed in the future.

Meeting last week, they took stock of areas that are susceptible to floods while the City Mayor, Roger Mbassa Ndine said the City Council will continue with the construction of gutters and drainage across the town with about 50km out of the 240 earmarked, already completed.

Community Efforts

The heavy rains that left several parts of the Littoral and West Regions flooded,  was equally a warning signal to other parts of the country.

Though no major flood incident has been recorded so far in the city of Yaounde, residents in several neighbourhoods are already taking measures and local initiatives to avert such situation in case of heavy rains.

It is the case with locals in some swampy areas of the Nsimeyong neighbourhood in the Yaounde VI sub division who came out at the weekend in a community initiative to clear off the gutters that have been blocked by dirt.

“We have witnessed floods in our neighbourhoods in the past years because the population usually empties their refuse in the gutters blocking the way for water to take its natural course. We want to clear it off and sensitise them to use the thrash can provided for by Hysacam,” the head of bloc said.

Months ago, the Yaounde VI Council had marked houses built around the swampy area for demolition but its occupants have still not left the area, as community leaders equally took time to explain to some of them, the necessity to leave the area before heavy rains hit the city of Yaounde.

Published on 05.05.2023

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