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Cameroon:Coronavirus specialised centres go operational

Specialised centres set up in Yaounde in the management COVID-19 cases have begun receiving patients, the Ministry of Public Health has revealed.

The specialized centre set up at the former Orca supermarket in the Mvog Mbi neighbourhood received its first patient last week, Dr Alain Georges Etoundi Mballa, Director of Epidemics and Pandemics at the Ministry of Public Health said.

The centre has a capacity of two hundred and seventy four beds (274) and is expected to receive more COVID-19 patients who will be transferred from some health centres this week, he said.

The Orca specialized centre is the second to go operational after that of Yassa in Douala that went operational on June 1, receiving its first patients. The specialised centre at the Yaounde military stadium is equally set to go operational in the days ahead, the Ministry of Public Health has revealed.

“These specialized centres strengthen the capacity of our health facilities. It is understood that the desired optimization of the management of COVID-19 patients is based on the operationalisation of the decentralization of the management of the response,” Dr Etoundi Mballa said.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Public Health, a total of 1800 beds have been mobilized for some of these centres with the military stadium taking 600, the Yassa centre with 650 beds while there are 550 beds at the Olembe site.

Published on 03.01.2023

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