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Cameroon:CPDM eyes total domination at Feb 9 polls in Yaounde

The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement has set its sights on winning all the parliamentary seats available in the Mfoundi Division at Febraury 9 twin polls.

The ruling party took the committment on Saturday, January 25 while launching campaigns for the Mfoundi Division at the esplanade of the Yaounde City Council.

Seven substantive Members of Parliament, seven alternate members and 297 councillors was the target set by party officials at the divisional level as they launched the campaigns.

The campaigns launched in the presence of the Secretary General of the party, Jean Nkuete saw supporters take the committment to woo voters during the these two weeks to cast the white ballot and hand the CPDM victory on February 9.

Launching the campaigns on Saturday, the CPDM campaign coordinator for the Centre Region, Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi said the party has the profile of candidates to occupy seats in parliament and councils.

He called on party supporters to turn out massively on February 9 to lead the CPDM lists to victory for development in the division.

On his part, the CPDM Mfoundi Divisional campaign coordinator, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna stressed the division is a strounghold for the party and called on supporters to ensure they maintain that grip after February 9 by going out massively to vote.

Despite the fact that the CPDM lists will be running unopposed in some municipalities, party officials still expressed concerns at two opponent which they described as ‘absenteeism and boycott’.

Addressing the supporters on behalf of the elite of the division, Andre Mama Fouda called on the party’s supporters to shun social media calls of boycott and show up massively to vote for the CPDM on February 9. He called on all party supporters to roll up their sleeves on February 9 and prove that the CPDM is a democratic party and is always ready to conquer power through the ballot box.

On his part, Rene Emmanuel Sadi this is an opportunity for the party’s supporters to prove to the world that Cameroon is truly a democratic party by turning out massively to vote on February 9 and lead their party to victory.

Published on 05.05.2023

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