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Cameroon:DANIHF donates to IDPs in Yaounde ahead of school resumption

Some internally displaced students and pupils in Oyomabang, Yaounde VII sub division have expressed their readiness to return to school as the school bells begin tolling today across the country.

The pupils and students join their counterpart nationwide today on the way to school after receiving didactic materials at the weekend from the Daddy Ndong International Humanitarian Foundation, DANIHF on Saturday, October 3.

The items comprised of books, pens, rulers, bags, other school needs as well as face masks and hand sanitisers were handed to the children at the residence of their host to enable them see through the academic year as their peers across the country.

Handing over the items, the Coordinator of DANHIF for the Centre Region, Diana Joyce Ngwang said the foundation through its actions wants to see all children who are out of school either for one reason or the other, get the privilege to go back. This is the reason why before coming to Yaounde, they have carried out similar exercises with IDPs in Buea and Bamenda and promise to extend the gesture to other cities.

“We are not only handing out these items to the children but we will follow them up in the course of the academic year and ensure we register those who will be sitting in for the end of year exams,” she added.

On her part, host of the IDPs, Quinta Rita extended gratitude to DANIHF for putting the IDPs in their thoughts at the start of this school year and said her doors remain open for assistance to ensure these students and pupils get the education they deserve.

The occasion was equally an opportunity for the IDPs to be sensitise on the respect of the COVID-19 barrier measures in order to remain safe as they head to school.

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