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Cameroon:Douala on high security aleart ahead of banned SDF protests

Security has been beefed up in major parts of Douala, Littoral region of Cameroon to counter a protest march by the Social Democratic Front.

The march organised by the Jean Michel Nintcheu, Littoral regional chairman of the Social Democratic Front has been banned by local authorities citing security concerns.

The Divisional Officer of Douala III Nouhou Bello banned the protests on grounds it could pose a threat to public order as well as cause traffic congestion nd slow down activities in the town.

This were equally the same reasons advanced by the Divisional Officer of Douala V Acheus Bokoma Elango who was firm on his decision.

On his part, the Divisional Officer of Douala I Jean Marie Tchakui went as far as promising sanctions to Jean Michel Nintcheu if he goes ahead with the protests.

However, Jean Michel Nintcheu insists the march will go on and was seen distributing flyers across the streets of Douala on Tuesday afternoon.

Security officers have been stationed around strategic areas of the town with water canons also stationed to disperse any protester. For the moment, it is still calm and quiet in Douala though an uncertain atmosphere reigns.

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