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Cameroon:Dr. Fontem steps in to solve Ambazonia leadership crisis

The leadership crisis rocking the leadership of the Ambazonia separatist movement has left the body torn apart, forcing the former founding member of the defunct Anglophone consortium to step in for mediation.

On Thursday, detained Ambazonia leader Julius Ayuk Tabe stunned his followers be dissolving the leadership of the ‘Ambazonia interim government’ led by Samuel Sako.

This has since prompted wild debates amongst ‘Ambazonians’ with the decision further threatening to tear the already divided movement apart.

However, the leader of the All Southern Cameroons Peoples Conference, Dr. Fontem Neba has now scheduled a meeting between partisans of the Julius Ayuk Tabe and Samuel Sako to find a way out of the leadership tussle.

“The decision by Julius Ayuk Tabe to dissolve the caretaker cabinet while in prison can not be treated with levity because it translates the inner frustration which has pervaded…for somee time and has only found expression through the President now,” Dr. Fontem Neba said.

He thus convened the meeting on May 11 to seek solutions to the problems but said Samuel Sako remains suspended and only his representatives and those of Julius Ayuk Tabe will attend the metting.



Published on 10.02.2021

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