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Cameroon:Fire, gunshots envelope Kondengui as ‘Ambazonia’ prisoners continue protests

Central view of the Kondengui prison (c) copyright

It was a very long night at the Kondengui maximu security prison on Monday night as Anglophone detainees continues their protests which they had started earlier in the day.

Images and videos coming out of Kondengui showed fire i the prison yard as the detainees continued to chant songs insisting they must be freed.

The situation forced a mobilisation of security forces all around the prison as shots were fired in the air for hours while tear gas also fired in the prison yard in an attemp to disperse the rioting inmates.

It is still very difficult to determine the casualties at the moment but sources talk of several persons injured as security forces finally succeeded to infiltrate the prison yard to calm the situation down.

Lawyer of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement Barrister Emmanuel Simh who visited the scene at night said he was denied access to the prison as security forces said they were on operation and could not allow any foreign body to penetrate the prison.

The protests first broke out on Monday afternoon with most of the detaineees seen on camera calling for their immediate release before school can resume in the Anglophone regions.

This is a developing story…

Published on 03.01.2023

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