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Cameroon:Four arrested for issuing fake Coronavirus tests

Coronavirus care centres inaugurated in Douala to boost response (c) copyright

Four persons have been arrested in Douala for issuing fake COVID-19 test results, Public Health officials in the Littoral Region have said.

The four were arrested on March 12 in Bonassama in the Douala IV municipality during a working visit carried out by the Littoral Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr Albert Mambo Maka.

The four were reportedly loitering around the around the screening centre and selling these fake test results to users, especially to those who were eager to travel abroad.

They were reportedly extorting between FCFA 10,000 to FCFA 60,000 from users in exchange of fake test results.

They were thus apprehended by forces of law and order on the ground that day after public health officials had been hinted of their shady activities around the health facility.

Their arrest is not an isolated case in Douala as recently another group was arrested around the Laquintinie Hospital for the same crime.

The Ministry of Public Health has since put in place a test procedure for persons travelling abroad as samples are taken 48 hours before departure.

The Littoral Regional Delegation of Public Health has equally launched an application where travelers can easily register and know where to take their test whose results can equally be delivered to them electronically through the application. According to the Regional Delegate of Public Health, this is aimed at reducing the risks of being duped by unscrupulous persons who loiter around COVID-19 screening centres.

Published on 10.02.2021

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