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Cameroon:Fru Ndi challenges Ambazonia leadership to unite for Anglophone course

The Chairman of the Social Democratic Front Ni John Fru Ndi has challenged diaspora leaders of the Ambazonia movement to come together for the common Anglophone course.

Addressing activists at the weekend in a Town Hall meeting in the USA where he has been for treatment, Fru Ndi said the divided Ambazonia factions have disgraced the Anglophone movement by fighting for their personal interests.

Recounting his ordeal in the hands of the Ambazonia fighters when he was kidnapped, Jogn Fru Ndi said only a united and coordinated front can advance the Anglophone course in Cameroon.

He made it clear once again that the Ambazonia ideology can not be imposed on him as others want to do.

The SDF chieftain has always been defiant in the face of the Ambazonia separatists; last year while in captivity he refused to withdraw  SDF MPs from parliament despite pressure from the separatists.

mm Published on 01.08.2022

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