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Cameroon:Fru Ndi’s residence goes up in flames

Part of Fru Ndi's kitchen was gutted by the fire

The reesidence of the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front Ni John Fru Ndi yesterday went up in flames in his native Baba II, sources have confirmed.

Source say the residence reportedly went up in flames last night after suspected armed men set it on fire before taking off.

Residents succeeded to finally put off the fire though it had consumed a greater majority of the residents with several items burnt down. It is still very difficult to determine the exact casualty while the Chairman is yet to react to the information.

The sister of the Chairman Christy Akum was reportedly abducted by the armed men in the course of the incident before taking off.

Just two days ago, the SDF released a message in which it dismissed claims the residence of the Chairman had been attacked in Bamenda.

The party however confirmed Ni John Fru Ndi’s driver was responding to treatment after he was shot by soldiers around the Food Market neighbourhood on Sunday.

It should also be recalled that in March this year, fire erupted in part of the Chairman’s kitchen in an incident that was described as an arson attack although the fire was quickly put off.


Published on 28.04.2020

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